Cross Florida 2014

Cocoa Beach to Bayport Park

Doug, one of our first RailGun customers, recounts his first Cross Florida Ride below. He came in fourth behind a Milan velomobile, an M5 RailGun and a carbon Quest velomobile so did a fabulous job!

Well the 2014 Cross Florida Ride is over and done. I had a great time and although I had some challenges I managed to roll across the finish line as the fourth bike in overall after the ever fast Kent on his M5 and two velomobiles. I thought 8.5 hours at a 20+ mph average was a respectable time until I learned that the other three came in about 45 minutes earlier and were sitting on the ground in the shade enjoying some cold beverages. It makes you humble to realize the speed that some of the other cyclist can maintain over long distances. I have traveled over to Sebring and ridden there a few times and completed the 12 hours race this year. The 167+ miles for the Cross Florida while taking less time was a more challenging ride for me than Sebring although the wind at Sebring this year was a challenge. In the morning the winds were calm and then picked up in the afternoon. Add in the the last 50 miles or so of constant up and downs it added up to some moments of hot foot suppression for me.

I learned a few things as a result of taking part in this years Cross Florida Ride; 1. If you have any question about whether or not you have brought enough fluids/fuel with you; You didn't. 2. Pushing hard up the hills did not help the hot foot situation for me; I should spin more to help relieve the pressure. 3. Don't rest on the downhills and flats; There is time for that when the ride/race is over - these are great areas to gain time where many riders coast and take it easy saving there energy for something? 4. The wind and hills when training are your friend; They both make you a stronger rider for these events when you test and challenge yourself. If you don't get out in the wind and don't ride your local hills or do bridge crossings you won't be prepared and wind up feeling worse in the end. 5. Oil everything again; I thought I was all good with my pre-ride checks but by the end I was hearing noises coming from my chain, my wheels, and my cleats that a little extra prep time would have quieted.

I have reordered my Infinit mix. I have added additional protein (to help the mind games that occur) and electrolytes (to fight the cramping and bonking that wants to occur) and reduced the flavor to keep the osmolity in range. The new tiller setup continues to work for me well. The new seat and seat-box is great and performed as designed. Its in a whole different game. I know there has been some discussion on the B-Forums about different seats. All I can say is ride what makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel fast. For me, I have found what works on my CA2. The new seat is on and the speedometer is going up. I'll continue to work on the motor by training and attempting to keep up with the local talent. Thanks to KP for his continued guidance, thanks to my wife Cat and KP's daughter Katy for being our SAG stops, and finally thanks to those of you who work in the recumbent industry both producing and selling these great bikes and to those of you out there who continue to support this sport with all your input and differing opinions. It keeps everything moving forward.

Vite Racing

Apr 9, 2014