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Crystalyte Hub Motor Dealer Support

We import and wholesale Crystalyte ebike hub motor kits and are associated with EVsolutions' dealer network.

The X-lyte Series 4 motors are our speciality. We provide support for recumbent bike and trike solutions, and custom DF packages.

Helotes Bicycle (Helotes, Tx) directly provides us with expert assistance, equipment and supplies. The owner of Helotes Bicycle has over 34 years of experience as a bike shop owner and mechanic. We also provide repair support for other ebikes and power-assist devices.

Local Area Dealers

These dealers can sell pre-made or custom ebikes or other power-assist vehicles.

Helotes Bicycle - Helotes, TX (210) 695-3159 - (San Antonio, Tx area)

Easy Street Recumbents - Austin, TX

May 23, 2013