These RailGun headrests are made for stock seats. The clamps are made of carbon fiber, the tubes of CPVC and the unit is modeled after the RailGun seat headrest but requires the additional lower clamp that has to be attached to the seat instead of being molded into the seat as provided by the RailGun seat. The upper part of the headrest slides up and down in the seat clamp without the need for any clamping hardware via the two attaching CPVC tubes. CPVC was chosen due to its tendency to collapse upon impact failure instead of shatter as other plastics tend to.

The pad plate is vacuum molded ABS and the plate has Velcro hook attached to help hold down a pad. The plate angle can be changed just by tilting it further up or down.

Only two mounting holes for 5mm bolts need to be drilled into a stock seat to attach this headrest.

The entire headrest (minus pad), including all mounting hardware weights only 196g, which is less than my Park HCW5 32mm Crank lockring wrench.

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Oct 30, 2020